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American Apparel

at Wordans Poland

Trusted Brand

American Apparel has a long history of designing fantastic comfortable clothing with ethically sourced fabric. American Apparel is the best place to go to find durable and long-lastings basics. American Apparel began in 1989 and continues to this day to create comfortable clothing that can act as the base of any outfit. On Wordans, you can peruse our assortment of American Apparel shirts, t-shirts, undershirts, pants, sweaters and hoodies for men, women and children.

Comfortable Clothing

American Apparel utilizes polyester, ring spun-cotton, and poly/cotton blend fabrics to create clothing that flatters any figure while remaining comfortable. Each shirt is designed with classic and complementary designs. Their comfortable ethically sourced fabric ensures all-day comfort for men, women and children. American Apparel designs clothing with the ideal fabric for long-term wear, comfort and durability. Their wide selection of shirts, means you can have a comfortable American Apparel t-shirt as the base to any outfit.

Wholesale Clothing

American Apparel is available at wholesale quantities and prices with Wordans. You can purchase wonderful basic attire for your entire family, groups or event. Wordans “Buy More, Save More” policy ensures you have the best price available on the best products.

American Apparel comes in a variety of colours and sizes and they are all blank to allow for local printing. You can purchase shirts, sweaters, undershirts, pants and hoodies for men, women and children. Each shirt is made with the best choice of ring-spun cotton, polyester or poly/cotton blend. American Apparel ensures to choose the best fabric for each piece, for long-term durability and comfort.